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MK Powered Gel Batteries

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Price £ 130.99
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Gel Batteries manufactured by MK Batteries

Scroll down for technical information.

(Correct image of battery is shown below)

MK Gel batteries are ideally suited for mobility scooters. The usual distilled water has been replaced with a special 'gel' which helps keep the charge consistant. Water filled batteries can be troublesome, especially on gradients where the the water can slop around inside the battery causing performance issues at a time when you need energy the most!

Benefits of a mk powered gel battery are:

  • MK Gel batteries are completely maintenance free
  • Electrolyte will not stratify, allowing faster recharging
  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications
  • MK batteries quality casing aids towards a longer lasting battery
  • MK batteries sealed construction eliminates:
    • periodic topping-up of water
    • corrosion
    • acid fumes
    • spills

Technical Specifications

Volts Amps Depth
volts icon
amps icon
length icon
width icon
height icon
211 mm
132 mm

183 mm




This battery will fit the following models:

This should only be used as a guide, please always check


1st By Design Cyberbug  Freerider Knightsbridge FR168-3  Pride Mobility Boxster 
A-Bec / Suntech BEC 40 Series  Freerider Mayfair FR168-4  Pride Mobility Celebrity 3 
A-Bec / Suntech Scoota Bug  Freerider Richmond 3 FR 168-3P  Pride Mobility Celebrity 4 
A-Bec / Suntech Scoota Plus  Freerider Richmond 4 FR 168-4P  Pride Mobility Cyclone 
A-Bec / Suntech Scoota  Genus All Models  Pride Mobility Dynamo 
A-Bec / Suntech Std Series  Global Research Starlight 1& 2  Pride Mobility Hurricane GLS (2000) 
A-Bec / Suntech Sterling  Global Research Starlight 3  Pride Mobility Jazzy 1103 Mini 
A-Bec / Suntech Targa 16"x18"  Golden Technology Atlantic-GP-201-F  Pride Mobility Jazzy 1113 
Aldersley Targa 14"  Golden Technology GP-201-R  Pride Mobility Jazzy 1143 
AM Scooters All Models  Golden Technology Regent Scooter  Pride Mobility Jet 3 
Amigo Mobility FD (Front Drive)  Golden Technology Scoota Bug  Pride Mobility Jet 7 
Amigo Mobility Fiesta IV  Hoveround Activa DM  Pride Mobility Laser 
Amigo Mobility Value Shopper  Hoveround Affinity  Pride Mobility Legend Classic (2002) 
Braun Corp T1100/T1200F  Hoveround HRV 100  Pride Mobility Legend 
Bruno 2300/2310  Hoveround LX  Pride Mobility Maxima 
Bruno Model 30  Hoveround MPV 2/3/4  Pride Mobility Pride LX 
Bruno Model 32  IMC Hartway Bolero PF2  Pride Mobility Revo 3 
Bruno Model 34  IMC Hartway Escape HP1  Pride Mobility Revo 4 
Bruno Model 44  IMC Hartway Escape HP-5  Pride Mobility Shuttle 
Bruno Police 46  IMC Hartway Escape LX HP8  Pride Mobility Sidekick 
Bruno PWC 2300/2210  IMC Hartway Marage PF6  Pride Mobility Sundancer 
Bruno Thunder 37  IMC Hartway Rumba S HP4  Pride Mobility Victory 4 
Cadmus International Jupiter 3  Independence Chair All Models  Pride Mobility Victory 
Cadmus International Jupiter 4  Invacare Apollo  Pride Mobility Victory XL 
Chauffer Mobility Chauffer Scooters  Invacare Booster  Quickie BEC 40 Series 
Chauffer Mobility Chauffer Scooters-C Series  Invacare Cruiser 4E  Quickie P100 
Chauffer Mobility Viva MWD Powerchair  Invacare Dart  Quickie P110 (14"Wide) 
CTM Homecare HS-570  Invacare Flyer (14" or less)  Quickie P110 
CTM Homecare HS-580  Invacare Jaguar Rabbit  Quickie P120 
CTM Homecare HS-665  Invacare Jaguar/Rabbit-XC  Quickie P190 
CTM Homecare HS-666  Invacare Jaguar-Power 9000  Quickie P500 
CTM Homecare HS-686  Invacare Lynx LX-3  Quickie S525 
CTM Homecare HS-730  Invacare Mistral Plus  Quickie Standard Series 
CTM Homecare HS-740  Invacare Mistral  Quickie Targa 14" 
Damaco Electro-Lite  Invacare Nutron R32  R J Mobility Barrett Jewel 
Damaco Ovation  Invacare Panther LX-4  Rabjor All Models 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Escape PWR Powerchair  Invacare Power 9000 (14" or less)  Radcliffe Rehab Serv. Ltd Power Shadow 18" 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Rioja  Invacare Pronto M6  Ranger All Seasons 1X3 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Rosso  Invacare Pronto M71  Ranger All Seasons 2X3 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Shoprider TE-889A  Invacare PTE (14" or less)  Ranger All Seasons Cobra 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Strider Maxi 4  Invacare Runabout  Ranger All Seasons Safari LTD 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Strider Midi 3  Invacare Spectra  Ranger All Seasons Safari 
Days Medical Aids (DMA) Strider Midi 4  Invacare Tri Rolls (14" or less)  Ranger All Seasons Solo Heavy 
Dignified Products All Models  Invacare Tri Scoot 1&2 (14" or less)  Ranger All Seasons Solo Lv 
E.F. Brewer Co. All Models  Invacare Twister  Ranger All Seasons Solo 
Electric Mobility ADVENTURER 6  Invacare X-Terra  Remploy Powerrider Indoor 
Electric Mobility Butler  Invacare Zoom 400  Roma Medical Invamed Briza 4 Deluxe 
Electric Mobility Candy Apple  Karelma Hercules  Scootermaster StreetRova 
Electric Mobility Cycle Chair  Karma Medical Products KS-636  Sears 16481-16482 
Electric Mobility Deluxe Cycle Chair  Karma Medical Products KS-646  Shoprider Cadiz 
Electric Mobility Lil Viva 250PC  Karma Medical Products KS747  Shoprider Jetstream 
Electric Mobility Lil Viva 410PC  Leisure Lift/Pace Saver/Burke Mobility All Other Models  Shoprider Perez 
Electric Mobility Little Rascal/Cycle Chair  Lomax Mobility Travvla 2 Indoor/Outdoor  Shoprider PHFW-1018 
Electric Mobility Rascal 130  Lomax Mobility Travvla 2 Junior Indoor  Shoprider PHFW-1020 
Electric Mobility Rascal 200 / 200T  Lomax Mobility Travvla 2 Junior Indoor/Outdoor  Shoprider PHFW-1118 
Electric Mobility Rascal 205  Lomax Mobility Travvla 2Indoor  Shoprider PHFW-1120 
Electric Mobility Rascal 250  Lomax Mobility Travvla Modular Indoor  Shoprider Seville 
Electric Mobility Rascal 255  Lomax Mobility Travvla Modular Indoor/Outdoor  Shoprider Sovereign 4 
Electric Mobility Rascal 255JS  Lomax Mobility Vitesse III Indoor/Outdoor  Shoprider Sovereign 888-3 
Electric Mobility Rascal 300  Mangar Ferryman EPIC  Shoprider Sovereign 888-4 
Electric Mobility Rascal 388  Medical Resource Co All Models  Shoprider Sprinter 889-3 
Electric Mobility Rascal 388XL  Medicare Mercury M34  Shoprider Sprinter 889-4 
Electric Mobility Rascal 600F  Medicare Mercury M44  Shoprider Streamer 888W 
Electric Mobility Rascal 600T  Merits Health Products MP1IA  Shoprider Sunrunner 3 Deluxe 
Electric Mobility Rascal MWD Power  Merits Health Products MP1IA-FR  Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Deluxe 
Electric Mobility Rascal Scooter  Merits Health Products MP1IN  Shoprider Sunrunner B3 
Electric Mobility Rascal Scooter  Merits Health Products MP1IN-FR  Shoprider Sunrunner B4 
Electric Mobility Turnabout Deluxe  Merits Health Products MP1IW (Travel Ease)  Shoprider Wizz 
Electric Mobility Turnabout Heavy Duty  Merits Health Products MP3C  Silver Knight Associates Road Knight 
Electric Wheelchair All Models  Merits Health Products MP3CF  Stand-Aid Power Drive 
EV Technology Scoot  Merits Health Products MP3F  Stand-Aid Power Lift 
Everest & Jennings 3N  Merits Health Products MP3U  Stannah Power Chairs Prima J103 
Everest & Jennings Carrette  Merits Health Products Pioneer 3 (S132, SP43)  Stannah Power Chairs Prima J113 
Everest & Jennings Hot Wheels  Merits Health Products Pioneer 4 (S142, SP44)  Sungift 200 
Everest & Jennings Kid Power  Millbrook Healthcare Osprey  Sunrise Medical Avanti 3 
Everest & Jennings Magnum  Motovator All Models  Sunrise Medical Avanti 4 
Everest & Jennings Marathon  Newton All Models  Sunrise Medical Breezy P100 
Everest & Jennings Metro Power  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 1600 ACV  Sunrise Medical F40 
Everest & Jennings Mobie  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 1700 FS  Sunrise Medical F45 
Everest & Jennings MX  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 1700 SP  Sunrise Medical Sterling Emerald 
Everest & Jennings Navigator  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 1704 FS  Sunrise Medical Sterling Sapphire 
Everest & Jennings Quest  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 2000 FS  Sunrise Medical Sterling Star 3 
Everest & Jennings Sabre LTD  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 2000 Mini  Sunrise Medical Sterling Star 4 
Everest & Jennings Sabre  Optiway Technology (Fortress Scooters) 2200 FS  Sunrise Medical Sterling Swift 3 
Everest & Jennings Sprint II  Ortho Kinetics All Other Models  Sunrise Medical Sterling Swift 4 
Everest & Jennings Sprint  Ortho Kinetics Lark 4  Sunrise Medical Strider 
Everest & Jennings Tempest  Orthofab / Lifestyles (Fortress Wheelchairs) 1000FS  Theradyne Investigator-Power T-Bird 
Everest & Jennings Xcaliber  Orthofab / Lifestyles (Fortress Wheelchairs) 755FS  Tuffcare All Other Models 
Fortress Scientific 1000FS-Voyager  Orthofab / Lifestyles (Fortress Wheelchairs) Commuter  Vector Mobility Pediatric 
Fortress Scientific 755FS  Piller Technology All Others 
Fortress Scientific Commuter  Piller Technology Power Chair  (Other models may apply to fitment)